5 Crucial Things to Know Before Applying for Digital Agency Jobs

Working at a digital agency is a fulfilling and challenging change from the typical office gig. It is a rapidly evolving segment of the digital industry, always adopting new technologies and new methodologies to give brands a cutting-edge service.

If you’ve decided that pursuing a digital agency job is the right move, you’ll need to learn the nuance of what a digital agency is and how best to navigate the murky waters of snagging yourself a job with one.

I’ll share some answers in this guide to digital agency jobs.

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12 Warning Signs to Look for When You Hire a Web Designer

Hiring web designers can be a minefield, especially for inexperienced employers. You can’t always tell a great designer from a merely average one. And it can be even harder to tell real skills in a puffed up resume.

What steps can you take to spot great talent? Are there any warning signs you should look for when you hire a web designer?

I’ll share some answers in this post and help you zero in on the ideal candidates.

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How to Hire a Graphic Designer: A Complete Checklist

How exactly should you go about hiring a graphic designer? What skills should you look for? How should you structure the hiring process? And finally, where should you post your job ads?

In this guide, we’ll answer your most important questions about hiring graphic designers. You’ll learn how to evaluate your own requirements and create a hiring process that gets you rockstar designers.

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